Prove your creditability
through SOC Certification


Based on your organization’s scope, SOC2 Services can help your organization prepare or “ready” itself prior to the actual examination. Our guidance is based on ACIPA requirements as well as best practice and industry- specific regulatory requirements. We also offer unique insight into your organization’s stakeholder requirements gained through our professional experience and in-depth knowledge of the regulatory environment.

If you have not been previously certified a SOC 2 Readiness Assessment will identify gaps in your internal control framework in comparison to SOC 2 trust services criteria requirements. Our approach includes the following:

  • We evaluate and map your policies, procedures, and supporting documentation to SOC 2 trust services criteria
  • We identify gaps between your documentation and trust service criteria requirements and provide you with recommendations
  • We communicate gaps and recommendations in a formal SOC 2 Readiness Assessment Report

SOC2 Services can also guide your organization by helping you understand the key criteria impacting the scope and associated cost of your examination. These criteria include:

  • The definition of the “system”
  • The selection of appropriate trust service criteria based on your industry, regulatory requirements, and the products and services you provide
  • How to address vendors used to support products or services that are a part of the “system”
  • The selection of a service period
  • What differentiates a “good” versus “bad” report

SOC2 Services Readiness Assessment Benefits Benefits

  • Work with a SOC expert to determine what type of examination is best for your organization
  • Define your system and select the appropriate trust service criteria
  • Identify any gaps and remediate them prior to the formal examination

To learn more about our Readiness Assessment services, reach out and speak to a SOC2 Services expert today!