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through SOC Certification


A SOC 3 examination is an extension of a SOC 2 examination where a separate opinion and report are provided on whether the system achieved trust services criteria only. Many organizations choose to extend the reach of their SOC 2 by having a SOC 3 done. The distribution of a SOC 3 report is not restricted and can be posted on a public-facing website. A SOC 3 examination allows you to market your products and services to future customers.

A SOC 3 report differs from a SOC 2 by the following:

  • A SOC 3 report presents a high-level overview of the description of the system and its boundaries
  • A SOC 3 report does not test the operating effectiveness of controls in place to meet selected trust service criteria
  • A SOC 3 report does not provide an opinion of the fairness of the presentation of the description; but management’s assertion

SOC 3 Examination Benefits

  • Share your SOC certification seal with prospective customers
  • Post your SOC 3 examination on your website

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